Monday, April 8, 2013

Bank Cheques Vs Personal Cheques

Admittedly there was no money in the account with the bank on whom the cheques were drawn. 31.

Preparing For The End Of The World

December 21, 2012. That's the date some believe marks the end of the Mayan calendar signifying the end of the world, or at least a big change. Does survival lie in the depths of a massive underground bunker?
"[We specialize] in the confidential planning, designing, and covert construction of underground bomb shelters and survival communities," said Aaron Voorhees.
Voorhees is the president of Aslan Corporation, a part of which is Hardened Structures of Colorado.
Right here in our area, that company has built dozens of sophisticated shelters and safe rooms.
"We work with a very highly specialized team of engineers, scientists, and former military special forces to put these facilities together," Voorhees said.
Customers' reasons for wanting a shelter vary.
"Some will be into civil unrest, some will be more concerned about the apocalypse, some will be less concerned about that but more concerned about solar flares," he said.
We can't show you the real things, only photos, because the company has a strict confidentiality policy.
"They're constructed very covertly," Voorhees said. "When they're done it looks like a field or it looks like a regular home. You would never know the difference."
A basic structure for a family of four runs about $50,000, but the company has also built structures ranging into the millions of dollars. Voorhees doesn't have a bunker himself, but...
"Part of me always says, is there something that they know that I don't?"
That's question is the reason Jack Jobe isn't taking any chances.
"I think there is something happening in human consciousness that tells us there's a great change coming," Jobe said.
Jobe, or "Survivor Jack," is a self-proclaimed "prepper" — someone who prepares for an uncertain future.
"When a disaster strikes it's only what you have in your brain, on your body, or within reach that you're going to start your entire new life with," he said.
Jobe is always prepared with certain items he carries on his person. And his basement and safe room are filled with supplies.
"We've got our two 55 gallon water containers back here. We've got lots of matches."
So what exactly is Jobe preparing for? There's another theory about the Mayan calendar.
"It appears to say nine of our alien brothers will come back to continue our education," he said.
And what about the zombie apocalypse? He has his own idea about that, and it deals with unprepared people who may come after his supplies.
"The third stage of dehydration the body begins to spasm, and I had a guy tell me I was dragging my leg and walking around like this. That looks like a zombie to me," he said.
Whatever the scenario, he believes nature is powerful and a change is coming that will affect life as we know it.
"Health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance. Where's your future insurance? If a disaster happens where is what's going to insure your possibility of survival?"

Defendants have not denied the cheques issued by defendant No.1. They Personal guarantees given by defendant No.3 and 4 also record that loan ... Get Document

The fourth accused had cheques deposited into 2 personal accounts in addition. He was also, In fact the Bank Management have given evidence that before these irregularities came to light she was highly regarded and destined for promotion to the high echelons of the banking world. ... Document Viewer

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